1. Go to and click on Register and Activate Your Subscription in the banner at the top right.
  2. If you are a New User, enter your email (username) and click on Continue (next to Register a New Account). At the Register a New Account page, provide a password and all the requested profile information. You can opt in here to receive e-alerts of new issues. Select that you have read the terms of use and click Register. On the confirmation page, you can click the link near the bottom of the page, Claim accessto full text articles. Skip to Step #4 below.
  3. If you've already registered, you can sign in.
  4. On the Claim Your Online Access page click the option, I received a special promotional offer.
  5. In the Account Number field, enter GKS-INJURY. In the Last Name field, enter MEMBER. Click Claim.
  6. On the Online Access Claimed page, you can click the Injury link or Finish; both links will direct you to the journal home page.
NOTE: Upon returning to, you will only need to log in with your username (email) and password to access the journal content.